The Bald Eagle- Animal File

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Animal File Teacher Instructions

Our main goal in creating this new series of files is to take a departure from traditional children’s teaching materials that are often dry and unappealing and encourage students to learn in a hands-on manner using a modern and exciting layout.

Our recommendation is to always begin each new file with a brainstorming session whereby the name of the animal can be written on the board and students are invited up to the board to add any information they may already know regarding the animal.  Our files begin with an “information section” introducing the animal that students are learning about.  The file covers various aspects of the animal including physical appearance, habitat, behaviour, nesting, and conservation.  A list of fun facts is also added at the end of this section to round off the information given.  New or potentially new vocabulary words will be highlighted in the text and definitions can be found on the following page.  This is students’ first exposure to either the new or inactive vocabulary introduced in this file.  We place great importance on students learning new words in context and encourage them to use these words actively throughout the lesson.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Teachers can then review vocab words and illicit their various forms from the class before commencing with the fill in the gap activity.  Once students are ready, they can attempt the activity by filling in the gaps with a form of one of the vocabulary words.  This will be their second exposure to the target vocabulary and will give them the opportunity to review the animal facts outlined in the file.

After completing and correcting the activity, the class can move on to the “research and discover” component.  Encouraging students to sharpen their research skills and build on their knowledge on the subject in a fun and creative way, put students into group of 3-4 and explain that the first group that answers all questions will be the winner.  Teachers can be as creative as they’d like, incorporating a class point system or other reward system.  The goal here is to help consolidate students’ knowledge of the material while encouraging them to explore the topic further.  This activity will help students build on their research skills, encourage them to learn how to successfully work in groups and foster an interest in world issues.  

This file can be used in combination with our other animal files or can be used on its own as a springboard/ introduction to the topic of animal conservation and/or animal welfare.  The teacher should also encourage students to have an open discussion about endangered species and what each of us can do to make a difference.  This file should be used as part of a class unit to encourage students to become active and responsible members of society.

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