Adventure- A Conversation Class

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A worksheet intended to prompt students to discuss the subject of adventure while building vocabulary and overall speaking skills.

Teaching Suggestions

Teacher can begin lesson by eliciting vocabulary words/phrases, etc. students associate with the word "adventure". Teacher can write students' ideas on the board for the class.

Teacher can then introduce the "adventure" worksheet (individual copies are best so students can have the opportunity to write notes should they choose so.)

Teacher can first introduce the vocabulary worksheet to students. The aim is to get students to use and consolidate the new vocabulary they've learnt. Teacher can elicit various forms of each word and encourage students to write or give oral examples of sentences with new vocab before the second part of the worksheet.  

For the second page, the teacher typically chooses one student to read a question aloud, and elicits answers from numerous students. The goal is to encourage students to speak as much as possible and use the key vocabulary from page one in their answers if possible. If students would like to elaborate on a question- encourage them! Teacher can write new vocabulary words on board or can make suggestions for new vocabulary words that can be used in context.  As homework, students can write an answer to one of the questions and elaborate.

- If you have any further questions regarding this file or need advice on how to incorporate this file into your classroom curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact me! Karolina

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